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Velvet Dream

12 Stage, 100% Analog Desktop Phaser

Velvet Dream is the newest desktop effects unit from Artificial Noise, designed with synthesists and producers in mind. Velvet Dream is a 12 stage analog phase shifter with selectable phases - pick either 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 stages. Each stage has its own character - go from "Classic" 4 stage phaser swoosh to 12 stages of velvety heaven.

The Regen control (AKA. Regeneration/Feedback/Resonance) allows you to go from just a subtle shifting, to all the way into swirling psychedelic dreamscape.

100% Analog with a true bypass switch. Hear the warmth of this vintage style phaser as it sweeps via its wide range LFO. From fast and warbly to a slow, glacial sweep.

Compact but tough aluminum enclosure. Ships with 12v power supply (region specific).

$269 USD + Shipping.

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