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Pre-amplifier and 3 Band EQ.

It may be called "Mini" but that's not how it sounds!

The name comes from it's circuit design which is based on "Pre-Amp" circuit of the original Minimoog synthesizer, along with a classic 3-band Equalizer makes for a warm, woolly and thick sound. The Mini-Pre is 100% analog, with the preamp portion a vintage-style transistor based design and the EQ is a clean Brown-Burr opamp design that can cut or boost approximately 15 dbs in each of the 3 bands:

  • HI - wide band 4kHz and up
  • MID - Narrower around 600Hz
  • LO - wide band 100Hz and down

The Preamp can go from soft warmth to full on Fuzz and sounds great taking line-level instruments or hi-z ones like guitar. Switch is true-bypass.

Controls include:

  • Pre-Amp: Controls the gain, from soft warmth to overdriving fuzz tones.
  • Vol: The output volume.
  • LO: Controls the Bass frequency cut/boost.
  • MID: Controls the Mid frequency cut/boost
  • HI: Controls the High frequency cut/boost

Each Mini-Pre is hand numbered and made in limited, small batches from our shop in Winnipeg Canada.

The Mini-Pre runs on 9v DC power supply which is included in the price.

$175 USD + Shipping

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The first batch is all done, thanks to everyone who ordered!